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CS Inventory Software : Standard Version

Our basic package CS Inventory Control System is an approved complete solution. The inventory control system also supports purchase, production, shipping, sales and RMA. The software is business neutral. Business specific requirements are covered by configuration or by additional modules. (e.g. shopping malls, home business, book store, computer stores and others). Furthermore the software is scalable to the size of your company. It is easy to create invoice, and manage inventory control like invoice management, stock balance management, goods item management and overall staff management.

The standard version includes -

  • Complete inventory control system
  • Contextsensitive help system
  • Network ability
  • User specific command enabling
  • Password protection
  • Form generator
  • Other add-ons available

    Address master data
  • Unlimited number of contacts per address
  • Unlimited number of delivery addresses per address
  • Unlimited number of activities per address
  • Universal address selection
  • Circular letters (Mailing)
  • Label printing
  • GLN (Global Location Number)
  • CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

    Item and stock management
  • Item master data
  • Unlimited suppliers per item
  • Alternate items
  • GTIN/EAN (Global Trade Item Number)
  • Universal item selection
  • Item explorer
  • Hierarchic item groups
  • Customer specific discounts
  • Price calculation
  • Stock master data
  • Label printing
  • Barcodes
  • Universal item editor

    Order processing
  • Generation of the following forms
  • - Request
  • - Proposal
  • - Quantity calculation
  • - Order confirmation
  • - Purchase order
  • - Letter
  • - Credit note
  • - Pick list
  • - Statement of account
  • - Delivery urgent letters
  • - Delivery note
  • - Urging letter
  • - Pro forma invoice
  • - Invoice
  • - Return delivery note
  • Partial deliveries
  • Management of delivery date
  • Integrated quantity scales
  • Multi currency capability
  • Entry of gross or net prices

    Data Import/Export
  • Text modules of unlimited length
  • Discounts
  • Payment Terms
  • Statistics module
  • Notes
  • Simple configuration
  • Email capability
  • Direct dialing and fax capability
  • Direct EMail/Fax
  • Export to Word/Excel

    Other Modules
  • Financial accounting
  • Statistic module
  • Internet shop
  • Online-RMA
  • Accounting program/DATEV interface
  • Edifact interface
  • DATANORM interface
  • Cash module
  • UPS module
  • Administration of incoming invoices
  • Customer specific add-ons
  • Free Download

    Download the one stop inventory solution at a discounted Internet price!

    Software Free from Adware, Spyware & Malware

       Free Single User License
    (Includes Maintenance First Year)

    Top Features

    CS Inventory Software's top features include -

  • Multi Client, Multi User
  • Multi Currency
  • Comprehensive Help
  • Item & Stock Management
  • Multi location Storage
  • Address management
  • Order Processing
  • Barcode Compatibility
  • Integrated Accounting Module
  • User friendly Interface
  • Customisable Reports
  • Production management -      Planning and resources
  • RMA (Return Material       Acknowledgement)
  • Textile, colors and sizes
  • Contract management
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